Do You Need A Powerful Patron In Heaven?

Learn about the miraculous way St. Joseph provides for people who ask for his help.

Let the saint who cared for Jesus and Mary care for you.

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP, author

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So Why Should You Trust St. Joseph?

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Why St. Joseph Is THE Saint for All Life's Emergencies

4 Secrets You’ll Learn

  1. We may know little about St. Joseph's life, but he has been a powerful intercessor throughout history for people who are desperate for help in any situation and have nowhere else to turn.
  2. Joseph understands broken hearts because he himself had his heart broken in his life and discovered how God cared about him. Now he passes along this comfort and courage to those who ask his intercession.
  3. Joseph is a father. He understands the anguish of a parent who is concerned about losing a home, or selling a home in order to be able to move for the sake of a family. 
  4. So many people have been praying to St. Joseph throughout history that  a whole devotion to St. Joseph has developed throughout the generations. This book introduces you to the wealth of devotion to St. Joseph. After reading this book, you'll want to pray for St. Joseph's intercession for all your needs.

About The Author

Sr. Kathryn's love for St. Joseph began with the writing of this book. There were so many people in 2008 who were losing jobs and homes and futures that she wanted to do something to help people. In less than a month she wrote this book because she had a sense that St. Joseph was the saint for people today. The more she prayed and the more she got close to this great saint, the more she realized that everything people are experiencing today St. Joseph himself experienced in his own way during his life. He had to leave his home to go to Bethlehem for Jesus' birth, then he had to leave his homeland to go to Egypt. He left behind his tools, his business, his family...and there weren't cellphones to tell his loved ones where he was going and why! 

St. Joseph's powerful interest in our lives goes beyond real estate needs. Joseph lived through catastrophes, he learned that God cared for him and sent angels to help when he didn't know what to do. And we all need angels. 

Sr. Kathryn hopes that this book will help people love St. Joseph in the midst of their emergencies so they also can experience God's love and help. 


Download a Powerful Novena and a Rosary to St. Joseph and join our email list for more resources.

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